Contact Lenses Consultation

At La Bleu Optique we offer free contact lenses consultation. Our opticians will provide the best options for your vision based on your needs. After such consultation, you can be sure you will make a great bargain.

Everyone`s eyes are different and they have different problems. But our vision specialists will help you choose contact lenses that suit your age, situation, needs and budgets. Our professional optometrists will give you a consultation to ensure that you are matched with the right contact lenses. You should visit an optometrist and have an eye test once every two years. If you have a problem with your eyes, you should visit your optometrist more frequently.

The contact lenses industry is constantly changing. Technology is continuously evolving to ensure that you get a quality and safe product. If you decide to wear contact lenses, our specialist will discuss the different options available for you so the contact lens best suited to you can be recommended. The different types of contact lenses range from daily disposables, fortnightly wear, monthly wear and extended wear (those you can sleep with) contact lenses.


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