Fitting & Adjustments

At La Bleu Optique we will always make sure that your eyewear is well fitted and comfortable. If your eyewear is ever in the need of any adjustments our professional staff will attend to it with the best care possible.

If you buy eyewear at La Bleu, there will be no need to adjust the fit. Those customers who order a pair of glasses or sunglasses that need slight adjusting can see our specialists for consultation. The patient’s satisfaction with their new eyewear depends upon the optician’s ability to pre-fit it prior to taking measurements and then adjust the eyewear to maximize the patient’s vision, comfort and appearance. There are several steps to make eyewear fit better:
– Adjust the nose pads, if present.
– If a frame does not have nose pads, make sure the frame sits well on the bridge of the nose.
– Make sure the size of frame selected is going to work for the lens style prescribed.


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