Custom made glasses in NYC

Amazing Custom Made Glasses from La Bleu

Can’t find your perfect pair of frames? Maybe they keep slipping but yet are your favorite style? Or the color doesn’t match your favorite attire? For the longest time, options like color, bridge size, material and hinges were not options available to interchange. But it was those small details that made all the difference. By using La Bleu’s custom made glasses, this disappointment will be part of history. 

While the current traditional way of taking facial measurements will be used, 3D modeling is increasing being used to create the perfect fit. After getting the proper measurements, we will give you a full set of options to choose from. Everything available; from the type of brand, color and style will be offered to you. We suggest you take your time to pick the perfect custom built pair.

With the measurements noted we also suggest we be your one stop shop for custom made sunglasses too. We would love for the benefits of your custom-made prescription lenses to be equally transferred to your day wear. 

Our amazing custom made glasses are sure to accent your style. You are welcome to come visit us at:

La Bleu Optique
1156 6th Ave
New York, NY 100366
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