Types Of Contact Lenses

La Bleu Optique: Contact Lenses Selections In New York, NY

When you're in the market for high-quality custom eyewear, you may want both eyeglasses and contact lenses. But how do you choose from among the many types of contact lenses available at La Bleu Optique in New York? Let's examine the benefits of different contact lens options.

Daily Disposable Soft Contacts

These popular single-vision contacts offer the ultimate in convenience because you don't have to clean or care for them. At the end of a single day's use, simply throw them away and insert a fresh pair the next day.

Extended Wear Contacts

If you don't mind cleaning and sterilizing your contacts daily, extended wear contacts are a good solution for people who want clear vision 24 hours a day. Some models can be worn for up to 30 days at a time.

Spherical Contacts

Spherical contacts are the typical shape seen in most lenses. These lenses rotate on the eye as you blink, which is why they're not suitable for astigmatism correction.

Your optometrist in New York, NY will provide a series of tests to determine the clarity

Toric Contacts

Toric contacts are specially designed and shaped so that they won't rotate on the eye. This allows them to correct specific areas of the cornea afflicted with astigmatism.

Multi-Focal Contacts

Multi-focal contacts contain multiple distance corrections, just as bifocal, trifocal, or progressive eyeglasses do. This allows them to correct for the age-related vision changes of presbyopia.

Monovision Contacts

If you can't get used to multi-focal contacts, don't worry. We can also correct your presbyopia with Monovision contacts, which place distance vision correction in one eye and near vision correction in the other eye.

Rigid Gas Permeable (vs. "Hard") Contacts

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts the modern version of the old, now-obsolete "hard" contacts, which were made from a plastic called PMMA. Unlike those hard contacts, RGP contacts let oxygen pass through to the eye for greater safety and comfort. but they also hold a consistent shape, making them great for strong or hard-to-fit prescriptions.

Scleral Contacts

Scleral contacts are extra-large RGP lenses that extend forward past the cornea, touching only the white of the eye. These lenses are good for correcting severe corneal abnormalities such as Keratoconus. But they also hold moisture well, making them a good choice for dry eye sufferers.

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