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Comprehensive Eye Exam Consultation

For many people, our vision is the most important sense that we have. Our ability to see and interact with the environment around us cannot be understated. However, if you do not take proper care of your eyes, blindness, or issues with your vision can arise and compromise your quality of life. Understanding the current health of your eyes and vision can help you prepare for the future and plan the appropriate treatment for any issues that you have.

Comprehensive eye exams are a great tool to use to make sure that you have the deepest understanding of your current situation. A comprehensive eye exam can identify issues that can easily be missed by a standard eye screening. At La Bleu Optique, we offer our patients the best service through the use of cutting-edge technology and education to ensure that you receive the best eye care anywhere in the world.


What to Expect

Typically, when patients have visited an eye doctor for a regular exam, they don’t realize that they are only receiving a vision screening. A screening can simply identify if a problem exists, but this approach will not reveal the causes of any vision issues. In addition, eye screenings typically do not even test for the presence of glaucoma. Glaucoma is currently considered the leading cause of blindness in the United States.

If a problem is recognized during a vision screening, you will only be referred to another doctor for an additional appointment to see what your treatment options are. At La Bleu Optique, we believe that if a patient has an issue, they don’t have the time to wait for another appointment, so we offer our patients comprehensive eye exams.

A comprehensive eye exam goes beyond a typical screening to identify a wide range of issues that can affect your eyes, even issues that have not started to affect your vision. Once we have completed your initial exam, we can discuss the results of our findings. If there are any issues, rest assured that we are able to properly diagnosis the condition and the cause. This means that we can help to design a treatment plan for you before you ever have to walk out of the door.

At La Bleu Optique, we believe that this level of care offers our patients the most information and clarity when it comes to caring for their eyes. The ability to identify, understand and plan your treatment immediately leave our patients feeling empowered and capable of handling their vision problems without sending you home to only worry about an unknown issue. Our talented staff will make sure to clearly explain the results of your exam and to outline all of the possible treatment options, including any potential benefits or drawbacks for your specific case.


When to Schedule Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

At La Bleu Optique, we suggest that you receive a comprehensive eye exam if you are experiencing any changes to your vision. In addition, if you have never had an in-depth eye exam, or feel like you may benefit from a comprehensive eye exam, call our office today. Our staff will discuss your history and any issues that you are having before giving you a recommendation. We want to make sure that we understand exactly what your concerns are so that we can tailor our service to your needs.


Comprehensive eye exams can be one of the earliest methods to detect issues that may affect your vision. At La Bleu Optique, we offer this level of exam for our patients to make sure that they experience the best care possible. Call today to schedule your exam.

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