New York Celebrity Frames At La Bleu Optique

New York Celebrity Frames

New York Celebrity Frames At La Bleu Optique

Celebrities are often the first to try something new. That’s why they are seen as the trendsetters and mavericks of fashion. Here at LaBleu Optique in New York City, we carry quality designer frames like those worn by the hottest celebrities. Read on to learn about three of those celebrities and their custom frames.

Notable Celebrity Eyeglass Frames

Celebrity eyeglass frames are often handcrafted and customized by the designer. However, you don’t have to be as rich as Oprah, as funny as Eddie Murphy, or as trendy as Sara Jessica Parker to wear these designer frames. You just have to know where to shop: LaBleu Optique.

Oprah – Custom Eyewear for the Queen of Talk

Oprah has long been an inspiration for several reasons, now she has one more. She has been seen on camera and off lately with stylish custom eyewear. Her glasses are ultra-trendy and stylish, proving that you can wear glasses with anything and still look amazing.

Her frame style is eclectic, the sheer quantity of looks she wears proves that. She has worn a plethora of shapes in a multitude of colors including cat eyes in glittered black frames, round semi-transparent frames, square clear frames, and rectangular frames in tortoiseshell.

Eddie Murphy – Handmade Glasses That Won’t Leave You Delirious

This consummate funny man has consistently worn black-rimmed eyeglasses. Today, these basic black frames styles are trendy. Not only has Eddie Murphy been seen wearing them, but other celebrities have as well. Black rimmed frames are exactly the accessory you need to look great in trendy eyewear.

Sara Jessica Parker – Sets (of glasses) in the City

Okay, maybe that was a bit of a stretch, but we were running out of clever quips. Anyway, regardless of how weak our pun is, Sara Jessica Parker’s eyeglass frame game is strong. She has been spotted wearing several stylish frames. Most recently, it has been aviator sunglass frames which are currently trending or if they weren’t before they are now that SJP has worn them.

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