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Prescription Sunglasses

If your vision is adversely affected by a refractive error such as far-sightedness, near-sightedness or astigmatism, you may find that it has a significant effect on your ability to function in lots of ways day to day. Obviously, exactly how much you are affected will depend on the severity of your refractive condition. Some people can manage fairly well without prescription lenses, whilst others literally cannot see anything beyond vague shapes and outlines unless they are wearing their glasses or contact lenses.

If you have opted to wear glasses to correct your refractive error, you will quickly notice that it isn’t just indoors that you need to see clearly. If you are driving or spending time outside and the sun is bright, you may find yourself warring between wearing your prescription glasses and your trusty old sunglasses. Fortunately, there is a way to have the best of both worlds – prescription sunglasses.

What are prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are exactly what their name suggests – sunglasses that contain prescription lenses. This means that while you can see clearly out of them, if someone else was to pick them up and wear them, their vision would be blurred as the lenses are not clear, they are designed to improve your and only your eyesight. Just as with regular frames, sunglasses frames can be chosen to suit your individual tastes. Our dedicated team can help you find the frames that best complement your face and features.

Not only will prescription sunglasses help you to see clearly, they will also help protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UV light. UV or ultraviolet radiation has been shown to be just as damaging to our eyes as to our skin. Extended exposure to UV light can increase our risk of developing serious ocular problems including cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygia and photokeratitis which can cause temporary vision loss. We ensure that our high-quality, custom made lenses will protect your delicate eyes from UV damage on even the brightest of days. Superior lenses combined with a choice of frames that reflect every face shape, style and taste, when you choose our prescription sunglasses you can be certain that your eyesight will be as protected as you are stylish.

Custom prescription sunglasses from La Bleu Optique

If you are considering prescription sunglasses and would like more information on the options available to you, our experienced staff would be delighted to assist you. We offer a selection of the finest eyewear, including sunglasses, from some of the world’s very best designers. These can be combined with our high-quality lenses so that you can enjoy superior vision and timeless style every time you step outside. To schedule an appointment at our optical boutique in Midtown West Manhattan, NY, please call us on 212-221-0247 today.

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