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Tips for UV Sun Protection

When spending time outdoors, it is important that all people, even children, and babies, wear proper sun protection. There are a few things that you can do to help reduce your exposure to harmful UV radiation.

  • Wear UV blocking sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats that help to reduce the amount of UV light that enters your eye. 

  • Wear protection even on hazy or cloudy days. UV radiation penetrates through cloud layers. 

  • Don’t look directly at the sun. We know not to look at the sun during an eclipse, but looking at the sun at any time exposes your eyes to direct UV radiation and has been linked to retinopathy. 

  • Protect others. If you care for others, like children, babies, or an elderly individual, remember to include sun protection for them too. 

Restoring the Eyes

While limiting exposure to the sun can help to reduce our chances, it is also important to ensure that your eyes are in good overall health before you ever step outside. One of the most important factors in healthy eyes is the proper amount of sleep. 

While our eyes are closed during sleep, they are constantly being lubricated and cleaned without being exposed and dried out by the air. During sleep, your eyes have the ability to clear out dirt, debris or other irritants that have been stuck in the eyes all day. If you cut your sleep short, your eyes have less time to flush out harmful materials and may be more prone to infection or disease. 

In addition to getting sleep, it is also important to regularly see your eye doctor for an annual exam. Getting your eyes checked regularly can help to identify problems when they are small and easier to treat, or when you can change some of your habits to stop or slow the progression of some diseases. 

While an annual exam is fine for most cases if you notice a change in your vision or have experienced some type of damage to your eye, schedule an appointment immediately and discuss your concerns as soon as possible. 

Outdoor Benefits

Considering that there are risks associated with exposure outdoors, it may be tempting to think that we just shouldn’t bother with every going outside. However, there are also some positive effects of going outside for your eye health. Studies have linked the amount of time outside for children with the occurrence of nearsightedness. 
In addition, the effects of exercise outdoors are also more beneficial when compared with exercising inside, so grab the sunglasses and get outside!


Exposure to the sun is something that none of us are going to avoid. However, by taking some of these precautions, you can reduce the chances of developing poor eye health or eye sickness. If you have any questions or concerns, call our office in Midtown, NY near West Manhattan, NY on the corner of 6th street, and schedule an appointment today.
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