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What Is An Optical Store?

If you have been for your regular eye test and have been recommended to use prescription lenses to correct your vision, you may be wondering about the best place to purchase a pair (or two!) of glasses. Many optometrists are now choosing to incorporate an optical store into their premises, enabling patients to experience the benefit of having their eye test and access to a wide and most comprehensive range of glasses frames all under one roof.

What is an Optical Store?

An optical store is a special location that you can visit with the goal of purchasing eyeglasses and frames. Contrary to what many people believe, optical stores aren’t staffed simply with sales assistants. Instead, the people who work there are trained and experienced opticians who will understand your unique visual requirements as well as any concerns you may have about how you will look and feel in your new glasses.

Your optical store professionals will be concerned with helping you to find the perfect lenses for your glasses so that you can have your visual requirements completely addressed and enjoy a clear and comfortable vision. This will include deciding if you would benefit from a specific type of lens or find value in a particular type of lens coating, for example, scratch-resistance or anti-glare glazes. You can choose from a wide selection of different frame designs and designers.

However, in addition to this, your topical store team will take on board your thoughts and feelings about your appearance in different types, colors, shapes and styles of eyeglasses, working with you to help you find the ideal variety to suit your face shape, coloring and of course, your budget.


What do you do when you rely on prescription lenses to correct your vision, but you also want to be able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine without your eyesight being compromised? You choose prescription sunglasses of course.

It is now possible to put the vast majority of prescriptions into sunglasses, enabling you to see clearly in the brightest sunlight and ensuring that your eyes are fully protected from the harmful effects of UV light. This is important since prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun has been shown to be a contributing factor in the development of many ocular conditions that could have serious consequences for the health of your eyes and your long-term eyesight.

Most optical stores, including our own, stock a wide range of sunglasses from a broad selection of designers.

You can make sure that all of your optical care needs and requirements are taken care of under one roof. Contact La Bleu Optique New York today to schedule your confidential consultation appointment 212-221-0247.
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